What We Do At Your Event

There is a reason we are one of London's best wedding and private function bands and that is because we offer the essential professional services, that's everythig you need for perfect party entertainment for a very modest price, aiming to reduce your costs and increase your satisfaction! 

London wedding band for hire London wedding band

Standard Services

Our standard package is perfect for clients looking to create the perfect party vibe. We offer all the essential services listed below, while keeping costs at a minimum. 

  • 2 hours of live music and high energy performances.
  • Arrive at your venue at 6pm
  • Background party music played through our PA before, between & after our live performances.
  • Great quality PA system and our own lights - suitable for 'normal' size events (approx. 350 people)


Additional Upgrade Options

We also offer the following additional upgrade options for a small extra fee:

  • Dedicated DJ service, whereby a band member mans the laptop to take requests.
  • After midnight finish
  • Arrive before 6pm
  • Learn a song especially for your event
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email


What We'll Do At Your Event

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Arrival, set up and soundcheck

Once we arrive at your venue, we'll meet and greet the venue staff or the organisers, then we'll get on with unloading our equipment. This can take upto an hour if access to the stage is difficult, but usually takes us less than that.

After we've loaded-in, we can then set up our PA system, lights, amps, drum kit and other instruments and make sure everything is working and in tune!

We then do a soundcheck to test our sound levels at full volume. It is important to soundcheck because if we come into any problems, such as the venue's sound limiter cutting us off, we can rectify the issue before we actually begin our main performance.

Please check that the venue you are booking for your event accepts live bands and that they don't have a ridculously quiet sound (dB) limiter! 

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1st live set

At around 8 or 9 we'll come on stage to begin the first set of 60 minutes. 

Once we've warmed you up and made you thirsty/hungry, we'll take break of about 45 minutes. 
During this break we can chat to guests or retire to our designated dressing room for refreshments and to eat if we did have time to before the first set.

Before we leave the stage, we make sure our playlist of party music has started so the atmosphere doesn't dip completely. If you opt for the upgraded DJ service one of the band members will be on hand to take requests and make announcements over the PA.

Once you've had time to get a plate of food from the buffet and eat it, let it settle (don't eat too much!) it'll be time for us to be back on stage.

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After soundcheck

Having soundchecked and know we're happy with the volume and clarity of the sound (and ironed out any issues we encounter), we'll put our instruments down and vacate the stage and head to the room you have provided for us to change and have refreshments.

All function bands require a secure room to change in (not the toilets!).

We don't ask for a rockstar rider, but we do ask that we have a hot meal before we perform and soft drink refreshments throughout the night. We jump around alot and it's thirsty work!

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2nd live set & end of the night

So hopefully you've let your food go down (we don't want you getting indigestion), we'll begin our second and final hour of live music. This usually begins between 10 and 11pm.

Once we've rock out and you've got holes in your trousers/dresses from all the power sliding - we drawn the night to a close.

If we are finished before midnight on a standard service, we'll put the party music back on through the PA and come and talk to the crowd or begin to pack away our instruments.

At midnight, the music unfortunately has to stop and we'll continue to pack away. This takes about 1 hour.
Once we're done loading out we'll say thanks and goodbye before setting off home.


If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our Alive Network agents on 0845 108 5500, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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